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"I love the fact that I can save eBooks on my thumb drive and carry them anywhere. I can use them with the smart board, project them on a screen, print copies at home to put with my plans... there at least a dozen ways I use eBooks."

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"Your site is excellent, especially for a teacher like me, in Mexico, who often has huge problems trying to find original material for my classes."


Why eBooks and Digital Products?


TecKnoQuest offers a unique opportunity for teachers and parents. From any Internet location, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, our customers are able to preview, purchase, and instantly download digital, supplemental teaching resource books, audio files, and other educational software online from any one of our eStores, in a safe and secure environment.

By purchasing these digital products directly from their classroom or home computer, teachers and parents can save valuable time by not having to travel to buy their educational resource materials.

Purchasers of digital products save literally hundreds of dollars because they can receive discounts off the regular retail price and pay no delivery or shipping charges. Customers receive additional savings on selected titles each month. Furthermore, each month customers receive a reward coupon worth 5% of their total purchases for that month which can be applied towards future purchases.

Customers are also able to download free samples of each product to ensure that it will satisfy their needs, as well as never having to worry about their selection being out of stock.

Digital products are environmentally friendly to use because they can be stored on a device, such as a laptop, Palm Pilot or computer without taking up any physical shelf space and paper. Customers can view the digital files directly on their computer or print out or copy all or part of the files if and when they need to and save them for future use.

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