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"Rather than paging through countless books, I can do a search for a needed skill, and my computer locates the appropriate eBooks. Then I search for a specific word (Find) within the document, and voila! Print!"

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"I love how I can just print out the pages that I need. It is so convenient and I don't have to wait in line at the copy machine or deal with it when it is jammed or broken down!"


Why eBooks and Digital Products?


What are digital products?
Digital products are electronic computer files which include PDF files (eBooks), MP3 files, and downloadable software.

What are eBooks?
eBooks, or "electronic books" are books that exist in electronic format as digital files. They represent regular print books that can be viewed on a computer screen, downloaded to CD, printed, and viewed in print form. The eBooks sold through the TecKnoQuest eStores are PDF files created using Adobe Acrobat software. The software required to read the eBooks is Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free piece of software available from Adobe's website for all computer platforms (operating systems).

What are MP3s?
MP3 files are "electronic audio" files that can be downloaded to your computer. The software required for listening to the MP3 audio files is free and available on the Internet at multiple website locations. Examples of this free software include Apple's iTunes, Real Player, and Windows Media Player.

What is downloadable software?
Downloadable software titles are commercial applications that are purchased and downloaded to your computer. They are then installed in the same manner as any other software. Downloadable software is identical to software bought through regular retail channels; it is simply distributed online in digital format.

Why eBooks and Digital Products?
Since eBooks and other digital files can be downloaded instantly onto a computer and transferred to a CD, there are none of the traditional costs in creating or selling a physical book, such as printing, warehousing, and shipping. As a result the cost savings of selling digital files are considerable and these savings can be passed on to the consumers. Other benefits of shopping for digital products online are:

  • 24/7 shopping
  • shopping from the convenience of your home or workplace
  • instant delivery
  • no shipping charges
  • ability to print off or backup and store to CD
  • environmentally friendly

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